Fondacioni Arte


"Tirona K`non"

In 2020, despite the suspension of cultural activities in Albania, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ARTE Foundation managed to organize a very important project entitled “Tirona K’non”.

This project was organized within the celebration of 100th anniversary of Tirana as the capital of Albania. Tirana as the capital of the country has become, in our opinion, like all capitals in the whole world, a multi-cultural city, which has weakened its autochthonous heritage.

To protect and promote the traditional music of the city of Tirana, we proposed the “Tirona K’non” project. The project consisted in the realization of an LP and CD with traditional music of Tirana, collected and performed by the bearers themselves.

In order to provide a professional product, ARTE contracted a BBC producer and engineer, which provided us with, in our view, one of the best musical products ever made in Albania.

Currently this product is being promoted in the international electronic media.