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Ndërmendje - 2018

In 2018, for the second time, the ARTE Foundation wins the right to organize the Gala concert “Ndërmendje” in Shkodër. The activity has brought innovations, compared to that of 2017, in terms of the participating soloists and the presented program.

Thus, aiming to promote artists from Shkodra with an international career, the ARTE Foundation has ensured the participation of violinist Cecilia Laca (violinist at the San Caelo theater – Napoi, Italy) as a soloist. At the same time, attention has also been paid to Shkodran artists resident in the Republic of Albania, such as baritone Armando Likaj (soloist at TKOB), soprano Klodiana Brahimi and student of Shkodër Artistic Lyceum, Niki Mjeda.

In addition to the above-mentioned artists, “Ndërmendje 2018” also provided for the promotion of young artists, winners in the “Pjetër Gaci” Competition, another very important activity for the city of Shkodra and young Albanian-speaking artists, since it is the biggest competition for young artists Albanians in the region.

Thus, Granit Musliu (Kosovo) performed under the accompaniment of the RTSH Symphony Orchestra works by well-known composers and was very well received by the Shkodran audience.

The “Ndërmendje” concert, starting from the success of 2017, was performed by the symphony orchestra of RTSH, which was conducted by Mr. Noorman Widjaja.