Fondacioni Arte


Tirana Music Promenade

In 2022, we were selected as one of the winners of Tirana European Youth Capital open call.

In this framework ARTE Foundation managed to organize the project “Tirana Music Promenade”.

The purpose of the project was the revitalization of different locations of the city, as remote areas and parks, as well as the support for the younger generation considering them the main protagonists of the social activities.

The main idea of this project was the organization of several music-journeys to discover the “hidden stages” of the city, whereas each of the journeys would have 5 concerts in extraordinary places.

Each station served as a “stage” for one small lineup of musicians/performers (maximum 1-5) which enabled the public of the capital to discover music of diverse genres and repertoires starting from the best tradition of the past (classicism, romanticism, etc.), to nowadays music as mainstream songs and extraordinary melodies.